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Water Filters

For the convenience of our members and friends, our office carries water filters and supplies, all by GlattWater Technologies. They all fit standard kitchen faucets. These faucet filters are designed solely for the purpose of "Kosher" water filtration through removal of copepods and copepodids. 

  • E-Z-Filter, a filter with only halacha in mind. - $12.50 
  • Filter fiber - $1.50 
  • Precut fiber inserts for the E-Z-Filter. - $2
  • Big E-Z-Filter. Lasts 3 times longer than the regular EZ Filter before clogging. Uses jumbo sized fiber inserts (25 included). - $16.50 
  • Jumbo precut fiber inserts for the Big E-Z-Filter - $2 
  • E-Z-Plus diverter. Creates 2 spouts, one for attaching the EZ Filter (sold separately) and the other for unfiltered water. Switch between spouts by flicking a lever. - $12.50
  • 5 micron filter cartridge.  Fits all standard 10" filter housings. - $10