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Collected Writings IX is here.

posted Aug 16, 2012, 7:03 PM by KAJ Webmaster

We are pleased to announce the publication by Feldheim Publishers of Volume IX of the

Collected Writings of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch

which is entitled “Timeless Hashkafah,” edited by the staff of the Rabbi Dr. Joseph Breuer Foundation. The articles in “Timeless Hashkafah” reflect the ever-valid Hirschian ideology:

Naphtulei Niphtalti – a refutation of Reform rationales
Jewish Observations – a statement against anti-Semitism and derision of Torah
Rabbinic Judaism and General Education – an affirmation of “Torah im Derech Eretz”
Address: Schiller Centenary – an evaluation of the worth of the secular within Torah parameters
Outrage in Hamburg – a criticism of a Jewish community’s response to a forbidden marriage, thereby

highlighting the need for independent Orthodoxy
Address: Battle of the Nations – an appreciation of civil freedom and its meaning for Jews Two Letters on the Aggadah – an analysis of the authority of Halachah and Aggadah Carmel and Sinai – a call to faithful Torah observance amidst the challenge of the times

Importantly, Volume 9 also contains a comprehensive subject and source index to the entire Collected Writings series.

This 374 page volume is available for $23 including shipping through the Kehilla office.

The full 9-volume Collected Writings (including the new volume) set is available in for $180 including shipping.

Please enclose check with order form.